31 March 2008

Suspects in Lhasa Arsons Arrested

All the main suspects in the four major arson cases during the Lhasa riots, which burnt 12 people to death, have all been arrested, local police said on Sunday.

Main suspects in the four cases, including the case happened in Dagze county on March 15, and the ones in Yishion clothing store, Hongyu Trousers store and the Playboy clothing store in downtown Lhasa on March 14, had been arrested, local police said.

Suspect named Loyar has confessed to his role in setting ablaze the motorcycle garage in Dagze county and then throwing two LPG cylinders from the next door into the garage, causing a fire that claimed five lives, police said.

Among the five owner Liang Zhiwei, 33, from central China's Henan province, his Wu Hongxia, 31, their eight-month-old son and two workers.

Another unidentified suspect confessed to setting fire in Hongyu trousers store, and looting the Metersbonwe clothing store and Snow Spider shoes store, local police said.

A sales assistant in Hongyu store named Zuo Rencun, 45, from central China's Hunan province, was burnt to death in the fire at 4:00 p.m. on March 14th, police said.

Zuo's relative named Peng Zhongyang found his body on the second floor after the mob left. According to Peng, Zuo was more than 170 centimeters tall but scorched to less than one meter long and his head had only skull left.

Five young women at their twenties were burnt to death in the Yishion clothing store. They were Cering Zhoigar from Xigaze, Tibet, Han Xinxin from Henan Province, and Chen Jia, Yang Dongmei and Liu Yan all from neighboring Sichuan Province.

The arson at Yishion was committed by Qi'me Lhazom and two other suspects, the police said.

The fire at Playboy killed a girl named Liu Juan, 19, from central China's Hunan province.

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bobby fletcher said...

Here's a photo of a roadside memorial of the 5 shopgirls that was torched alive:


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