08 October 2010

Forbidden Knowledge of The Tower of Babel, The Beijing Temple of Heaven and Ancient Chinese Art of Noah's Ark

It is highly likely that humans descended from one man and one woman. The scientific community that dictates what we are taught in secular schools partially agrees with this, placing it as occurring billions of years ago in Africa. Their teaching refutes the forbidden knowledge of the Genesis account of Adam and Eve given in the Genesis 1 Bible Scripture, along with the time given in the Bible Scripture for its occurrence. It forbids knowledge of why we wear clothing, believe in sacrifice of humans or animals or accept Christ's sacrifice and why we have a day of rest on the Sabbath. While the Hebrew account of creation is the most clearly written account in history, the religions and beliefs of most all civilizations carry traces of the Biblical account given in Genesis 1 of the Bible.

According to the Bible, God rested on the seventh day and He decreed that we should also rest on the seventh day of each week in memory of His marvelous creation.28 Why do even the ungodly over all the earth still rest on the seventh day?

According to the Bible, Adam and Eve were special to God. He created them after His spiritual image29, and gave them eternal life the same as God has.30 Adam and Eve were like the animals in that they were naked, and they were not ashamed of their nakedness. 31 And God gave them authority over every living thing on earth.32 He only made one rule, and that was that they could not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.33

In the beginning, God and the angels existed in the spiritual realm. And Satan was free to go wherever he wanted.34 Then Satan came like a clever and deceitful serpent and caused Adam and Eve to disobey God35. The animals were made without sin. A bird may kill and eat a worm, but it is for the importantly useful purpose of perpetuating life on earth, and is done without malice and without knowledge of good and evil. Along with the knowledge of good and evil, it became necessary for God to make The Law. The Law was that humans must not engage in the evil, or they would not be fit for God's perfect Heaven and would surely die.

Knowing that humans could not resist the allure of evil, God required a sacrificial payment for our sins. This payment, out of God's unimaginable love for us, first was the sacrifice of animals and ultimately became the sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus.

Immediately after Adam and Eve received knowledge of good and evil, they became ashamed of their nakedness36. God sacrificed the first animals as a result of their sin, and covered their nakedness with the skin of the animals37. Why do we still wear clothing today, even most nonbelievers? Is it a reminder of our disobedience and our shame?

He then had humans sacrifice animals as a penance for our sins. While the Hebrew sacrifice was animals, the sacrifices of other religions included babies or other humans. And why do some cultures still sacrifice animals to attempt to pay for their sins? The purpose is often to appease their gods who are angry with them for something they did wrong. The appeasement is to prevent natural disasters such as droughts, floods, etc. Why do many civilizations that never heard of the Bible sacrifice animals and even children or other humans to their gods? Could it be because the Bible is true?

God told Satan that one of Eve's offspring would destroy Satan's power, and Satan would harm his flesh.38 This was God's first prediction of many that God's only Son would come as an offspring of a woman, would destroy Satan's power, and would be put to death by Satan.

If the Genesis 1 Biblical account of Adam and Eve is not true, why do civilizations all over the earth have a day of rest on the Sabbath, wear clothing and make human or animal sacrifices to their gods or accept Christ's sacrifice? The answer to this question should be discussed in our secular schools, simply because these abnormal habits that are not characteristic of any animal are so commonly performed by humans.

It is highly likely that Noah's Ark was found in April 2010. See http://www.noahsarknews.com/. This chapter gives sixteen proofs of the the Flood of Noah and its time was about 4,200 years ago. Five more proofs are based on evidences of rapid radioactive decay in rocks and residual helium and 14C in rocks and crystals. The following italics is taken from the book Little Thinkers, of which I am joint author with two others, Greg Hickle and Roger Rosenquist.
Many people cannot believe the Bible because it is impossible to pack that many animals into Noah’s ark.It may at first seem to be impossible. However, a few simple mathematical calculations indicate that it is not only possible, but also reasonable.
The dimensions of Noah’s ark were 300 cubits long by fifty cubits wide by 30 cubits deep. A cubic is about 18 inches. This comes out over 1.5 million cubic feet. Zoologists believe there are about 1.5 million species of animals and more than 265,000 species of land plants. Of these, about 750,000 are insects, crustaceans, arachnids and their kind, 90,000 mollusks, snails, clams squids, octopuses and their kin, 18,000 flatworms, 12,000 roundworms. There are only 4,000 mammal species known today, about half of which are aquatic animals. It was not necessary to put aquatic animals or bacteria on the Ark. It was not necessary to put plants on the Ark, as the seeds were abundant to re-seed the earth after the flood subsided. This leaves about 400,000 pairs of terrestrial animals, including insects. The insects were most likely clinging to floating debris such as logs. Ants and other insects take up very little space, and could be on the surfaces in the ark.
This leaves about 2,000 pairs of animals for which to find significant space. So there was an average of about 750 cubic feet per pair of animals, and this is plenty of space for all the animals. At the county fair, a typical pair of animals such as a pair of sheep takes up about 75 cubic feet. This would leave 675 cubic feet of extra space on the ark for each pair of animals to move around or group with others. Many pairs of birds could fit in 750 cubic feet, and two elephants might take up 1,500 cubic feet. Most animals are much smaller than an elephant. A pair of horses, for example, might take up 750 cubic feet. So you can plainly see that there was considerable room left over for passageways, food and other needs. We suggest you read Dr. Walter T. Brown, In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood (7th Edition) by Dr. Walt Brown. Copyright © 1995–2002, Center for Scientific Creation and John C. Whitcomb’s and Henry Morris’ book, The Genesis Flood, 1964. Philadelphia Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, available from Amazon.com.
It is not only the Jewish historians that have records of the great flood. The ancient Sumerians, Chinese, Babylonians, Hittites, Assyrians, and Egyptians all recorded a world-wide flood.
The Chinese today sell stone and jade carvings, replicas of an ancient original carving at the beginning of the Chinese race. It is a boat with eight people on it four women and four men. Any Chinese will tell you that these are the eight immortals who sailed on a boat from heaven to found the Chinese nation.
Note that Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives also came off a boat and repopulated the earth. According to Genesis, Noah lived three hundred and fifty years after the flood and died at nine hundred and fifty years of age (Genesis 9:28-29). Shem lived five hundred and two years after the flood, living to be six hundred and two (Genesis 11:10-11). Before the flood, the Bible tells us, people lived from eight hundred to almost a thousand years. After the flood, the average age dropped to seventy years. So to the descendants of Noah, the eight people on the ark appeared to be immortal.
In 1883, the Turkish army discovered the ark on Mount Ararat. They entered it, and brought back pieces of its petrified wood. This was rejected or ignored by the modern world because of Darwin’s theory of evolution. But because of the report, the Czar of Russia sent his army in 1917 to thoroughly investigate it, make drawings of its architecture, and photograph it. When the Czar’s government was overthrown by the communists, these records disappeared. The records were reported by the Czar’s daughter, who made a cross from pieces of the wood.
Since then, there have been numerous sightings and photographs from a helicopter. It was used as a landmark by US pilots during World War II. Reportedly, there are US satellite photographs, which are not released for security reasons. The Russians, and most recently, the Kurds have prevented people from visiting the site. The Turks visited the ark many times before the Kurds recently made it impossible.
Probably the best book on evidence of the flood is written by Dr. Walter T. Brown, In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood (7th Edition) by Dr. Walt Brown. Copyright © 1995–2002, Center for Scientific Creation.
Should not the time of the Flood as given in the Bible be studied? All recorded history begins at the time of the Flood except for the Hebrew history, which begins at creation before the Flood. Except for the carefully preserved chronology of the Hebrew people, factual history of every nation on earth including China only goes back to Sumerians around the time of the Flood of Noah. The earliest dated recordings that we definitely know about any nation before the Flood are recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures. An example is Egypt, which was overrun by one tribe after another beginning a few hundred years after the Flood. While most of the leaders of these civilizations and their astounding monuments are known, it is not until the time of Christ and Cleopatra that Egyptian history, other than what is recorded in the Scriptures, really becomes clear.

Britain's history from 500 AD to 1000 AD is mixed with mythology.39 The history of Britain does not leave the realm of 'mythsteries' until about 3500 years after the Flood, sometime around 1000 AD. Beyond that, British history fades into mythology mixed with some history. There were many civilizations from the time of Adam and Eve to the Great Flood that ceased to exist at the time of the flood. Archeologists have found many evidences of the civilizations described in the Hebrew Scriptures predating the Flood, to which evolution-believing historians attach dates with wild abandon, ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 or even 100,000 to a few million years BC. Why then, do we not get serious about the time of the Flood, which has been recently discovered and reported in the news media on April 27, 2010? This chapter cites five indications of the time of Noah's Ark and the Flood.

Like the Chinese, the ancient history of Babylon begins in 2200 BC about fifty to one hundred years after the Great Flood. It records the famous epic of Gilgamesh which describes the second most famous account of the flood as the result of the anger of their wise and benevolent God Ea. Ea tells Utanapishtim to tear down his house and build a ship. The size of the ship is approximately the same size as that described in Genesis, except the height is equal to the width and it is seven stories high. The dam of the waters beneath the earth is broken, just as in the Bible, and the water on the earth rises. A storm so intense that darkness prevails seven days, and the ark is surrounded by sea in every direction. Then some islands appear that are the peaks of mountains. Utanapishtim sends out a dove, which returns. Then he sends a swallow, but it found no resting place, and it returned. Finally he sends a raven, which found food and a resting place, and it did not return. Utanapishtim then released everything from the ark and made a sacrifice on the top of the mountain, the same as Noah did in the Bible. Ea then told the god Enlil that he would not flood the earth again, but instead would cause a famine because of sinners. Thousands of Babylonian inscriptions on clay tablets and pottery as well as Egyptian papyrus and writings found in other ancient countries coincide with Biblical scripture. This is sufficient reason that the Flood of Noah's Ark history in the Bible should be studied in detail.

Archaeologists place the time of this flood at the end of the ruling city Eridu to the beginning of the new ruling city Erech to the south, the King's List of eight kings before the flood, the Epic of Gilgamesh and the original coastline of Babylon to about 3000 to 2900 BC. Ancient pre-Flood history of Babylon is so obscure that the Babylonian Kings List cites one king reigned 28,000 years, another 36,000 years and two others as reigning a total of 64,800 years.40

Could it be that with the scattering of civilization from the Tower of Babel, just a few years after the flood, the Native Americans migrated across the Aleutian Islands, bringing the Genesis creation stories with them? The Delaware Indians were one tribe of many that had powwows with ancient myths, religion and creation stories.

The Delaware Indians also had an account of creation that they handed down from one generation to another in the form of pictograph symbols or glyphs. Their traditional chants went like this: "At first sea water covered all the land. Above the water in the mist was the God-Creator. He caused to be much water, great land, many clouds, the wide sky. He caused the sun and moon and stars. Winds blew hard, clearing the deep water and making it run off. Light shone and an island appeared. Then he created the first beings, also angels, also souls. Afterward he created the man-being, ancestor of man. He gave to man the first mother of men. Fishes he gave to man, and turtles and beasts and birds. But an evil spirit created bad beings, snakes, and monsters. At first all beings were friends together. But then, while secretly on earth, the snake-god led men to worship evil. Wickedness, crime, unhappiness, thus came to the world."41

The American Indians see Intelligent Design in all that they behold. Even the wind makes them think that there would be no wind unless an Intelligent Designer made it possible. Now they have nothing but their powwows, dance, chants and myths to give them pride and purpose in life. But because of their insight of Intelligent Design, the day will come when they will become world leaders, thanks to their powwows.

People lived in many parts of the earth before the time of the Great Flood. There is evidence that people lived in China then, but disappeared either thousands of years before or during the flood. After the Flood about 2348 BC, with the scattering of the nations from the Tower of Babel about 2247 BC, before the first Chinese dynastic rule beginning forty-two years later with the Hsia (or Xia) dynasty in c. 2205-7 BC until 1911 AD, resulted in an ancient Chinese art carving of Noah's Ark model replica and annually sacrificed unblemished bullocks to their god ShangDi, a name that in Mandarin sounds like the Hebrew 'Shaddai', meaning God Almighty. About 118 years after the flood in 2230 BC, the first Chinese ruler of the Hsia dynasty built a three-tiered Temple of Heaven to the triune God that still exists in splendor today, although the Chinese do not remember the purpose of it, and for many centuries the emperors recited a prayer very much like the first chapter of Genesis. The Chinese writing in its English translation goes something like this:
"Of old in the beginning there was great chaos without form and dark. The five planets had not begun to revolve nor the sun and the moon to shine. In the midst thereof there existed neither forms nor sound. Thou, Oh Spiritual Sovereign, came forth in Your presidency, and first divided the grosser parts from the purer. You made the heavens and the earth. You made man. All things with their reproductive power came into being."
The earliest account of the Chinese Emperor Shun's worship of the triune God ShangDi in 2230 BC is recorded in SHU CHING, the BOOK OF HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS and the oldest Chinese historical record. On this structure, the ritual known as the "Border Sacrifice" was performed. Its location is described by ancient authors as being in the eastern Tai mountains, but it was later moved to Beijing. It is more likely the simple but huge three-tiered tower found in front of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

The three-tiered Temple of Heaven in Beijing was built in 1420 AD. Covering an area of 2,730,000 square meters, it was the site on which the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties annually offered sacrifices to God. The three-tiered Altar of Heaven in the foreground below may be one of the oldest structures in the world today, built immediately after the Flood of Noah and the scattering of the people from the Tower of Babel. The three levels represent the triune God. The prayers offered were very similar to the creation of the world as described in the Book of Genesis.

Many of the Chinese words are Chinese symbols that describe the events in Genesis. For example, the Chinese symbols for 'gate' is similar to two cherubim guarding the entrance to the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:24).

Ancient Chinese art stone carving of the eight immortals, probably representing Noah's Ark with Noah, his three sons and their wives sitting on a boat that sailed from heaven and founded the Chinese nation. I bought this carving in 'Snake Alley' in Taipei, Taiwan, a lively bazaar where souvenirs and other goods are sold. The name given the market is because live snakes are bled and locals drink vials of their blood, supposedly to increase their virility.
The Chinese carve a boat of stone carrying "The Eight Immortals". They say these eight immortals sailed from heaven and founded the Chinese race. Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives lived six hundred to nine hundred and fifty years, while those born after Noah and the flood lived about seventy to one hundred and seventy-five years. So the people after the flood believed that Noah and his family were immortal. The Chinese writing symbols for 'boat' is made up of three words, vessel, eight, and 'mouth' . . . or person (meaning eight persons on a boat)42.

Based on the Chinese symbols which are pictographs made up of stick drawings mostly of things that happened in Genesis and the Chinese history, it appears that Noah may have carried the Genesis record of creation on the ark with him. Even if not, Lamech was alive when Adam and Eve were alive. Genesis 5 tells us that Noah's father, Lamech, lived 56 years while Adam was still alive.43 So Adam and Eve and all Adam and Eve's descendents down to Lamech in all probability told Lamech the entire Genesis story. Lamech then lived 595 years after Noah was born, and obviously told Noah. Noah lived three hundred and fifty years after the flood (Genesis 9:28), and his son Shem lived five hundred years after the great flood (Genesis 11:11). It is probable that the Chinese got the Genesis account directly from Noah, and that Moses wrote the Pentateuch or Torah, as the Jews call it, the first five books of the Bible, as given him not only by God (Exodus 17:14; 24:4, 7; Numbers 33:1 – 2; Deuteronomy 31:9, 11; John 5:46 – 47), but also by the descendants of Noah.

Thus, the forbidden knowledge of the Tower of Babel, the Beijing Temple of Heaven and ancient Chinese art of Noah's Ark has been preserved.
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