04 October 2007

Anyone can go to Heaven, just be good!?!

What do we mean by ANYONE? Doesn't Buddhism say that only Buddhists are rewarded in the afterlife?

According to Buddhism, where we go to after this life does not depend on our religion. In fact, there is no requirement to pray to, worship, or even believe in the Buddha to have a good afterlife.

What happens to us after this life
depends on how we
conduct ourselves
in this present life.

The path to Heaven is not by faith or worship,
but by doing good and avoiding evil.

The Buddha never said anything like ‘worship me and you shall be rewarded’. He also never threatened to punish anyone should they not believe in Him or follow His Teachings.

He said that there is nothing wrong in doubting or even questioning Him, as most people will take some time to fully understand His Teachings.

He stressed that everyone should seek, understand and experience the Truth for themselves, and not to have blind faith in anyone or anything.

Thus Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, and even atheists, are all able to enjoy a blessed afterlife. But of course provided, that they have been 'good' people!

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