15 October 2007

A Request for All My Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

I want to link to all of your blogs, no matter what religion or region you hail from. No matter what language or your blog's topic is about. So I'm asking all of you to add a comment to this blog entry and to list your blog's URL, its name, and your preferred attribution name. If you'd also tell me how you've found this blog, and if you've linked here, I'd be very grateful to you!

With this information, I'll add a link to the blogs of all my readers in a blogroll on the side of every page of this blog, as a way of giving back to all you that've helped make this blog so very popular in the very short time it's been live. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

1. Because you donot provide an e-mail it is difficult to communicate with you. For some months we had wished to make the following request:

2. You have us listed in your blogroll "Royal Path" but this blog is defunct and has been replaced with The Hermitage Journal at http://hermitage-journal.blogspot.com

We very much enjoy your blog but, regretfully, our bishop prohibits us including "EB" in our blogroll.
Appreciatively, monks of St Prochoros Hermitage.

only once said...

Inspired work. Looks like the time has come to uncover the real christianity from the layers of dust which has accumulated over the centuries. Keep it up. Thank you.

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