10 September 2007

Jesus as a Reincarnation of Buddah?

Christian Gnosticism is the highest form of Christianity according to the Cayce revelations. A close study of Christian Gnosticism shows that this early form of Christianity is more similar to Buddhism than it is to traditional Christianity. For example, both religions teach:
(a) reincarnation, (b) a philosophy of life on earth as suffering for which we must be liberated, (c) the oneness of all things, (d) the divine light, (e) various afterlife realms to journey through, (f) the human goal of attaining Christhood is identical to the goal of attaining Buddhahood, (g) the distinction between Jesus (the human) to Christ (the spirit of human-divine unity) and the distinction between Buddha (the human) and Dharmakaya (the Clear Light of Ultimate Reality), (h) the concept of karma, (i) and the importance of good works. This is not a complete list.
Other revelations from Cayce are that someday in the future, China will become the "cradle of Civilization." Those who are not familiar with the Cayce revelations are certain that this revelation about China and Christianity has to be false. But, as we have just seen, Buddhism is closer to true Christianity as traditional Christianity itself. If Buddhism flourishes once again in China as it once did for thousands of years, I am sure that this revelation of China being "Christian" will become true.

Cayce revealed that the Christ spirit (the spirit of human-divine unity) constitutes the impelling force and core of truth behind all religions that teach that "God is One" and "all is one". This includes Confucianism, Brahmanism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Judaism, Platonism, Christianity and Islam.

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They call him James Ure said...

Fascinating article. Personally, I feel that all religions and spiritual paths are interconnected. Different reflections of the same Truth but through the lens of different cultures, histories and languages.

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