15 September 2007

Jesus is a Buddha

Recent epoch-making discoveries of old Sanskrit manuscripts in Central Asia and Kashmir provide decisive proof that the four Greek Gospels have been translated directly from the Sanskrit.

A careful comparison, word by word, sentence by sentence shows that the Christian Gospels are Pirate-copies of the Buddhist Gospels. God's word, therefore, is originally Buddha's word.

Comparison reveals that there is no person, no event, no locality mentioned in the four Christian Gospels not already present in the Buddhist Gospels that, for sure, are far earlier in time than their Christian copies.


Unknown said...

OK now there is A LOT in the Christian Gospels for which we have no evidence outside of the Gospel accounts. However, there is also a lot that is historical and verifyiable. So you are saying there are Sanskrit texts about Pontius Pilate and The Herods? All of these are 1st Century historical figures from Palestine.

The Vhaidra Saga Author, Nicholas Stanosheck said...

Obviously not true!

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