14 September 2007

The Sacred Well of Spirituality

From The Reverend Mother Marsha's blog, "Rain City Gnosis", quoting a book by Thich Nhat Han called "Living Buddha, Living Christ"
"Before I met Christianity, my only spiritual ancestor was the Buddha. But when I met beautiful men and women who are christians I came to know Jesus as a great teacher. Since that day, Jesus Christ has become one of my spiritual ancestors."

He also tells his readers that on his altar he has statues of Buddha, the Bodhisattvas and an image of Jesus Christ. He said that he doesn't feel conflict with in himself because of this and that he feels stronger because he has more than one root.

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Transient and Permanent said...

Hi, just wanted to leave you a note. You left me a comment asking whether I had stopped updating my blog at Tricycle. I did indeed take a nine-month hiatus to attend to some major life changes, but I've just updated the blog.


Interesting stuff you've got here, by the way. I haven't commented in the past but I've been reading it for a while now.

Best wishes,

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