02 February 2012

State of the Blog: Ecumenical Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism (San Jiao He Yi)

This blog has evolved, this blog has done its purpose.

Read back to the first post in 2007 January 1. It has done what it has set out to do. Quoting from the first post, "Later this year I will start by blogging about Buddhism, introducing it to the reader and comparing in to Christianity (and other varied religions of East and West alikes). Then I will later introduce Taoism and Confucianism, showing how these 3 faiths are each one third of the Chinese Folk Religion and always have been. I will also show how the Jewish messias, the Christ, Jesus bin Joseph, is also the fulfillment of Taoism. In years to come I will introduce Christianity to the Buddhists and Taoists, and show how our Faiths are more similar than it appear at first glancings."

 Well my english has definitely improved since then, thanks to my Western-born Web Master who posts my posts for me more times than not due to my proxy issues.

 My goal was to post daily. I failed. I have only posted 619 times, including this post.
  • The first year I posted an amazing 136 times, often multiple times a day. 
  • The second year, far less. Only 129 times. 
  • The third year, only 34 times! 
  • The fourth year, I broke my record and posted 10 times! 
  • The fifth year, I broke it again and posted 163 times! 
  • The sixth year, I likely will not be breaking any records. 
I will continue to blog, just not as much. I think a full picture is given by these blog posts, doing what it set out to do. We have had millions of hits a year and I thank all who have read anything from it. I hope you found it enlightening. If so, I would love to see a comment from you as to what you have liked best. Many Buddhists have told me I had a unique take on Buddhism, not being a "Otaku" and Dali Lama Worshiping Western Iconoclast who was trying to reshape Buddhism into some Western form of Nihilism. I presented Buddhism as it actually is in Asia, not just one school's twisted take. They also liked how I showed that Buddhism was just one third of Chinese Folk Religion that become wholly complete with Taoism and Confucianism.

Christians often liked how I showed that these religions were forerunners for Christ and how these religions, when explored to their logical ends pointed to wards the Christ and how the first Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Confucius would all have been disciples of Christ and likely were after the resurrection.

I hope you have learned and will continue to learn and enjoy watching me evolve. Kyrie Eleison!

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