29 March 2008

Tibet riot victims to be compensated

The families of the 18 civilians killed in the March 14 riot in the Tibetan capital Lhasa are to be compensated, local authorities said on Friday.

Compensation for each victim is 200,000 yuan (US$28,170), a notice issued by the government of Tibet Autonomous Region said.

Measures are to be taken to help people repair their homes and shops damaged in the unrest or to build new ones, the notice said.

"The government will provide interest-free or government-subsidized loans to help businesses resume," said Duan Xiangzheng, director of the regional administration for industry and commerce at a press conference on Thursday.

The riot killed 18 civilians and one police officer and injured 382 civilians and 241 police officers. According to official statistics, 908 stores were smashed, looted or torched and 120 homes were burnt, causing losses of nearly 250 million yuan.

In addition, all of the injured could enjoy free medical treatment.

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