14 July 2008

Pilgrims invited to multi-faith prayers

Participants of World Youth Day are being asked to examine Australia's success as a multi-faith society.

The Community Relations Commission of New South Wales has invited the Catholic Church pilgrims to multi-faith prayers on Wednesday with representatives from religions including Buddhist, Orthodox Christian, Jewish and Islamic.

There will also be an exhibition at the Australia Museum for three days on the contributions of migrants to the life of the nation, from early exploration to national politics.

Commission chairman Stepan Kerkysharian says he hopes pilgrims recognise the message of tolerance.

"Through our multi-faith prayers and our 'Did You Know?' exhibition, I'm sure that they'll take back a message of tolerance, of acceptance and mutual respect," he said.

"Some of [those] coming from turbulent societies will see how wonderful it is for people of different religions to live together committed to their own country and that's the message we want them to take back."

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