29 December 2009

Feng Shui Preparations for 2010

The year 2010 begins on February 14 and will be represented by the tiger—-a metal tiger to be specific. The tiger naturally holds wood energy based on the concept of the traveling stars (Chinese zodiac); the year according to the Taoist calendar is a metal one. Without going into the details of the Chinese 5 Elements, let me point out that when metal and wood try to team up, metal has a definite advantage. Metal represents a weapon such as a sword or gun and the tiger represents the fresh wood of springtime—-no match for a metal weapon. This is a combination that is definitely in conflict.

Based on this, 2010 will not be a peaceful one, according to Raymond Lo, international Feng Shui master. Although we will see some economic recovery from the turbulence of 2009, there will be more international disagreements, more clashing and more fighting. The metal energy is a destructive weapon. Since most of us aren’t in a position to actively intervene in these world-wide affairs to facilitate peace, my best advice is to try to influence your immediate world, bringing peace to the planet in your own home. Here are some ways to maximize your luck next year, to minimize the challenges, and to bring about some global peace as well:
  1. Bless your home. Your home is your part of the planet that you can impact and inspire. Take a few moments to appreciate and honor it by walking through with a candle, incense, or just your heart-felt intentions. Heal your own internal wars.
  2. Deal with your clutter. You know where it lurks—-get rid of it. It does not create peace in your space.
  3. Do good deeds. Do one good deed a day to offset the global turbulence.
  4. Put a pig in a blanket. According to Chinese zodiac tradition, the tiger and the pig are best friends. In order to keep the tiger on your side and to diminish the negative influences of what could be a challenging year, carry a picture or a small figurine of a pig who will intercede on your behalf (blanket optional).
  5. Line up 5 friends. Think of five people—dead or alive, real or legendary, human or deity—who would be your friends in time of need. Get them lined up in your mind before you actually need them so that you take the time to carefully and thoughtfully make your selection. Then, when a crisis hits, you’ll be prepared. You can call on them either literally or in an energetic way.
No matter what animal sign you may be in the Chinese zodiac system, following any or all of the above suggestions will help you navigate through any difficulties you may encounter.

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