23 June 2008

Over 400 Again!

Somehow we were at over 400 responses to the poll on the right, and then went down to 370 responses over a number of days. But now we are back to over 400 respondents, so I want to thank all 400+ readers of this blog. As I write this, here are the top 3 religions:
  1. Buddhist 46%
  2. Christian 39%
  3. Taoist 11%
Combined that makes 96%. However people are free to pick more than one religion, so some of the responses may be multiples of the above. I thank all the readers who have responded and if any readers have not responded yet, I would like to ask them to be sure and vote their faith. Even though I rarely get any response to this question, I would like to know what my 400+ readers like most and dislike most on this site. I have expanded somewhat from my original goal to compare the things that unite Christianity and Buddhism, but I am not sure if people have appreciated this expansion or not.

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