17 December 2008

Finding God in Buddhist Emptiness

From the Buddhist, I have learned to meditate. To sit in half-lotus position (because I can't do full) with my back straight, my hands resting together on my lap. I close my eyes, and see the heavy traffic of my thoughts. They come and go in a hundred different directions. They make me dizzy. I do not know where many of these thoughts come from. I want to stop them. I am not my thoughts, I am something else, something different. These thoughts, they are products of my ego.

From my ego are birthed thoughts. From my thoughts, desire. From desire, suffering. Extinguish desire, cease the turning of thoughts. This I have learned from the Buddhist. Shatter the false idols of my mind, and I shall see what is truly real. The non-being of material things, and how I am like them in nature. What separates me from my brother, or a stranger, or a rock, or a blade of grass? We are all non-being. There is no we. There is only peace. Peace from the destruction of ego and duality, and the illusion of inherent being. Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form.

And into this darkness beyond light we plunge ourselves, deeper and deeper, and find that point where infinity and nothing meet. Where the Logos has drawn us forth ex nihilo. This is the true meaning of Nihilism, that creation understands her nothingness before her Creator, and in doing so sees her unity with herself, one as the bride of the Logos.

Into the darkness of the world that did not understand her emptiness, did the Logos Incarnate come, bearing great light. Come also into the darkness of my sin-laden soul, and illumine me.

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Jeremiah Moorhead said...

I can tell this blog is becoming a daily read for me. As one who has a lifetime identity as a Christian, and a one who has a growing need for what Buddhism offers, I thank you for your writing.

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