14 October 2007

Sharing a Great Find on eBay! Only 5 available!

This wonderful Bell measures approximately 14" tip to tassel. In China it is called a "safe" bell used for protection. Symbols at top of bell spell out protection and safety. Each Taxi Cab will hang a bell in it to keep it safe while traveling through the crowded streets of Beijing. The bell itself measures 3" tall and 1.75" Diameter. Each side depicts a different image: Quan Yin - Goddess of Love, Buddha - Giver of Life, Tara - Bringer of Compassion. Top of bell depicts a wonderful fire dragon. Small, elegant bell - excellent for Feng Shui! Clapper medallion may vary in design, but is always ornate and same size.

P.S. I am NOT the seller, I just wanted to share a great find with all of my readers!

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