19 November 2007

A Buddhist Report on Universal Truths

"No matter how many sorrows you suffered, you insist your belief. You will finally gain what you pay, and suffer the wrong for your done.

Everything comes for fate and goes for fate.

Just as the aroma, you need only to enjoy it, do not need to ask where it comes from and where it will go. It comes with the wind. Therefore, it will go with the wind. Everything will go like the aroma; you cannot escape from it, and could not keep it.

The best way for us to help the world is not to create things, but improve our soul. Just like the batteries, it is only a container of electricity. Objects are only the container of soul.

Only when we have elegant soul, we could be elegant. Only when we have good character, we could make the life colorful. No matter how beautiful things are, if they were made by bad character, they would be like the beautiful useless batteries. The more they are, the more pollution there will be.

We all like the batteries, wealth is its figure, and status is its appearance, the function is the electricity. We could only see the figure, the appearance, not the function. However, only the function, which could not be seen can light the life."

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