22 November 2007

Blog Post #100: To my beloved readers

From the poll, it seems that we have at least 65 readers, and possibly many more than have not taken the poll. I am so happy that so many are interested in my little piece of the world wide web. I am also fascinated how we have people from many faith traditions, but that the number of Buddhists and Christians seems to be equal. In celebration of 100 blog entries here at "Ecumenical Buddhism" I have added links to all the bloggers who have commented on any of the entries here at http://ecumenicalbuddhism.blogspot.com/. Also, I will (if the Great Firewall of China allows me to even post at all) for the next 7 days, just post pictures from seven Buddhist traditions: Chán/ Thien/ Seon/ Zen Buddhism, Vajrayana/ Tantric/ Diamond Vehicle Buddhism, Tibetan (A branch of Vajrayana) Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Shingon (A branch of Vajrayana) Buddhism, Pure Land (A branch of Mahayana) Buddhism, and Mahayana/ Great Vehicle Buddhism; to share some pictures of pure beauty of the world-wide sangha.

1 comment:

They call him James Ure said...

Congrats on the milestone. I have really come to enjoy the unique voice that you bring to the Buddhasphere.

Just one thing, I am only a contributor to the "Awakening the Buddha in Us" blog. :)

Bowing _/I\_

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