09 February 2010

The Nine Choirs of Angels

Identify the Seraphim, the highest order of the nine choirs of angels, by their intense and perpetual adoration of God. They surround the throne of God, continually singing, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the God of Hosts!" They're said to be so bright that humans cannot even look at them. Lucifer was a seraphim before the rebellion leading to his fall.

Note that the name "Cherubim," which means "fullness of wisdom" is the description given to the second of the choirs of angels. These continually praise God and are regarded as our intercessors before God's throne. They look over God's plan for all mankind and honor God's providence.

Look to the Thrones, the choir of angels who are the symbol of God's divine justice. This third choir is known as the "many-eyed ones," and are said to be covered with eyes when viewed by men. They are known for their humility and submission to God's will.

Think of the Dominions, the fourth choir of angels, as the "Angels of Leadership." Theirs is the position of authority, regulating and governing the lesser choirs and setting before them their duties. They shed light on God's will for mankind.

Ponder on the fifth choir of angels when contemplating the sun, moon and stars. The Virtues act on the orders of the Dominions and represent the power of God. They perform miracles, govern and watch over all nations and cities, elements and seasons.

Raise your eyes to the Powers to fight any evil opposing the will of God. The sixth choir of angels is warriors who protect mankind from the devil and all things attempting to counteract the will of God. We can pray for their intercession when confronted with spiritual warfare.

Consider the Principalities, seventh in the hierarchy of angels, the symbol of Christ's reign over all events in and around the world. They watch over the earthly principalities and take care of their needs and intercede on behalf of nations.

Recognize the Archangels as mentioned in the Bible. This choir of angels, the eighth, is the messengers from God directly to mankind. We know of the angel Gabriel, known as God's messenger, St. Michael, who threw Lucifer out of heaven and is a powerful ally in the war against Satan. Raphael is known as the angel of happy meetings.

Pray to your guardian angel, who is personally assigned to you by God, to stand before the throne of God and present your petitions. The ninth choir of angels is the most well known of the angels and are mentioned throughout the Bible and Bible history. They interact with all of the other choirs of angels at all times. They love us and take pity on our frailty.

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