25 September 2007

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Day/The Chinese Moon Festival

It's said that the moon in the Mid-autumn is most beautiful. All family members enjoy the moon cake under the moon so it could bring good luck and safety.

Do you know the goddess in the moon? Her name is Chang'E. She is the wife of HouYi, a hero who saved people from 10 suns. Because of HouYi's contribution, the Lord of the Heaven's wife gave him some medicine which can help him become a god. But HouYi did not want to be a god, so he gave the medicine to his wife, Chang'E. Chang'E kept the medicine at home. One day, when HouYi left home, a thief came. Chang'E could not frustrate the thief, so she swallowed the medicine, then she became the goddess of moon.

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