23 February 2008

Unified Theory of God and Enlightenment

While Buddhism teaches so many doctrines of dukkha, rebirth, karma, compassion and realms (from coarsest and lowest energy (hell) realm to the most purified, all-powerful Oneness), and path toward enlightenment, it is very interesting to add one more philosophy to make it full for the most-sought-after all-encompassing human religion. It is Christianity.

Christianity offers the doctrine of faith to one's Master and the God.

Combining both, we have the true Unified-Theory-of God and Enlightenment.

Also combining the true effort of what Christianity has done for humanity in all practical endeavor and what Buddhism has served for perfecting human's evolution of mind, we see a true powerful combination of energy to make perfect human, which are saints.


Agnikan said...

Combining Christianity and Buddhism? That's already been done. It's called "Hinduism".

El piloto azul said...

un jesucristo rubio y de ojos azules

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