06 January 2010

Yoga for Pregnant Women

If you're pregnant, there’s no time more special than the one you’ve just entered and, as such, we’d like to make it even more special by sharing some of our secret facts as to why yoga for pregnant women is the new ’sliced bread’. So without further ado, let’s get started:

1. No Fear – say it out loud! The truth is that yoga for pregnant women consists of an abundance of techniques that will help eliminate the usual pregnancy-related fear from your life. This will encourage greater piece of mind and reduced anxiety, which will be beneficial to you and your baby.

2. Better than conventional exercise. Medical experts agree that conventional exercises during pregnancy can be detrimental to your health as well as baby’s health. Here’s why: your baby has no way of releasing the body heat you generate. During the first trimester this can affect the development of his or her central nervous system and brain. By choosing the correct yoga routines, exercises during pregnancy not only become fun, but actively target those muscles used during delivery whilst passively stimulating others to ensure that your pregnancy is as comfortable as can be.

3. Prevention… is better than a cure. Say goodbye to stretch marks, weight gain, bad posture and the host of other pregnancy-related problems, before they even arrive! Yoga for pregnant women will ensure that you enjoy a peak physical state during pregnancy as well as after.

4. Grow within yourself. As you’re probably well aware, this new stage of your life heralds a change in the way you see the world. Yoga for pregnant women is based on principles rife with wisdom and techniques that provide you with invaluable insight for all those difficult choices that lie ahead.

5. Deep relaxation is what it’s all about. The changes that occur during pregnancy can become a strenuous experience. And to help the body recover, conventional wisdom states that sleep is the best solution. Yoga for pregnant women consists of deep relaxation techniques that encourage the nervous system to change from sympathetic to parasympathetic activity. In simple terms, this means you’ll be going from normal restorative rest to super restorative rest.

That being said, if that sounds like your cup of tea, here’s what to do next: Get in touch with someone who has an agreeable level of expertise when it comes to yoga for pregnant women. Having guidance to get a grip on the pregnancy and exercise will make the experience easier and more enjoyable. Take Care of yourself and your unborn child by choosing those routines that are easy to do and conducive to your pregnancy. These will more often than not consist of general or beginner positions and should be maintained for the duration of your pregnancy.

The key to success is daily practice. Having a routine and sticking to it will ensure that your body and mind adapts to the stimuli provided by yoga. You’ll be able to get into the mindset more quickly and resolve any emotional and physical discomforts with ease.

I found some other very credible sites that have very good information on yoga for pregnant women. Here is just one:

Pregnancy Yoga For Would-Be-Mothers  – A lot of mothers who’ve done it say that Pregnancy Yoga boosts the mind and body. They claim it has helped to keep their pregnancy hassle-free; so what can Pregnancy Yoga do for you? Pregnancy Yoga helps keep the would-be-mom in shape during and post-pregnancy. Yoga is an ancient Indian form of exercise that takes a holistic approach to life.

Here are some videos:

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