01 January 2008

Buddhist New Year

A New Year is a special time because it urges people to make a new beginning with the onset of a fresh new year. In Buddhism, too, the significance of the New year is no less. However, given the fact that Buddhism is practised in many countries around the world, the time and method of celebrating it varies from place to place.

The New Year is a time for great joy and celebration amongst the Buddhist community around the world. Statues of Buddha are bathed in a ceremony and worshipped by devotees. Other Buddhist "gods" are also paid homage. Candles are lighted in the temples to give honour to these "gods".

People clean up their house, dress up in new clothes and pay a visit to their friends and relatives to exchanges wishes and gifts. Delicious dishes are prepared in traditional manner and served to all. Fireworks on street add that extra bit of charm on new year.

These are some of the most common new year celebration methods, however, like the date itself, the way of celebrating new year also varies from country to country depending upon local customs and traditions. Also, the new year festivities take into account the religious norms of Buddhism.

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