22 January 2008

Over 200? 谢谢!

According to the poll on the right, this blog now has over 200 readers! Slightly over half are Buddhists, almost 40% are Christian, and almost 10% are Taoists. Of course, "Other" is actually the 3rd most popular choice, but I wonder if the "others" out there could tell me what type of "other" that they are?

Thank you to all of my regular readers. I know asking people to comment on what they like and dislike about this blog does not work. I asked twice before and got only a couple responses. So I will not ask that this time and simply will say Thank You! Everyone who has ever commented or linked to here has been added to the blogroll on the right.


J.K. Bowman said...

I wrestled with this question for a long time and ultimately settled on nondualist. I think that's often associated with Advaita today, but it can just as easily apply to Christian Gnosticism or mysticism, Kabbalah, Sufism, a large number of the newer traditions and if we like even science.

I like that it allows me to describe my beliefs rather quickly without pinning myself down to any one religion or dogma. - It also says so much more than "spiritual but not religious".

Anonymous said...

I read your blog regularly - I've been a member of the Unitarian church for some years. I'm pretty much Unitarian with Christian and Buddhist leanings. Nondualist would also be a label I'd feel comfortable using.

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